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About us

EGM Elektronik GmbH is a stockist and reseller of electronic components specialized in the provision of hard-to-find electronic components. In our stock, containing more than 25.000 items from different manufacturers, you find

  • Discrete semiconductors (diodes, transistors, thyristors, triacs, optocouplers, jap. transistors)
  • Integrated circuits (linear ICs, jap. ICs (Hybrids), microprocessors, modules, storage, digital ICs)
  • Passive und mechanic components.

The stock list on our website is updated every day. Use the search function to search through the current stock. For an immediate offer or any further questions please contact us through the contact form on this website or the following contact details.:

Contact Details

EGM Elektronik GmbH

Fockestrasse 33
D-88471 Laupheim

Tel: +49 7392 2791
Fax: +49 7392 7131
E-Mail: egm[AT]egm-electronics.com